Energy Management Information System

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Leverage real-time data, flexible dashboards and AI-driven analytics to engage stakeholders, avoid losses, mitigate risk and maximize utility performance gains with ioTORQ Energy Management Information System.

iotorq emis
  • Panevo Energy Management Services

    Flexible Data Integration

    Collect data from a wide range of locations, systems & formats, including: FTP(s), HTTP(s), process historians, IIoT devices and third-party websites.

  • Panevo Energy Management Services

    Advanced Analytics

    Establish KPIs, generate intelligent targets, determine savings and perform benchmarking across assets, departments and facilities.

  • Panevo Energy Management Services

    Customizable Reporting

    From corporate sustainability & carbon emissions reporting to asset monitoring, dashboards and presentations are fully user customizable.

  • Panevo Energy Management Services

    Machine Learning

    Our advanced analytics module utilizes machine learning algorithms to enable asset optimization and optimize cost savings.

  • Panevo Energy Management Services

    Automated Alerts

    Set targets and receive real-time notifications to ensure optimal asset, area and departmental performance.

  • Schematic Builder

    Schematic Builder

    Build system models, map on meter data and visualize performance with our intuitive schematic builder component.

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“With ioTORQ we have enabled operational cost savings and avoided losses”
Energy Leader
“ioTORQ is our preferred Strategic Energy Management software platform”
Business Development Director
“Panevo has identified and secured significant utility cost savings, while helping us to reduce risk”
Corporate Energy Manager

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