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Our Site Auditing services evaluate cost-effective ways to reduce your operating costs by improving energy efficiency, reducing utility consumption and minimizing process loss.

With up to 100% of your costs eligible to be covered by third parties, we’ll understand where, when and how your energy is used and create a portfolio of low/no cost actions and capital projects to meet your investment criteria.

Our utilities and resources expertise includes electricity, natural gas, steam, water, effluent, compressed air and process gases, along with process optimization and loss reduction methodologies.

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Panevo Energy Management Services

Where Do My Dollars Go?

Panevo will assess utility bill history, machinery specifications, equipment set points and operational conditions to allocate energy and utility usages. 

We’ll deploy temporary or permanent metering in order to determine asset, department and building costs.

Panevo Energy Management Services

How Well Is My Facility Doing?​

Panevo will benchmark your current energy and utility consumption against other facilities: industry best practices and your historical performance.  

We’ll correlate usages against production and other relevant variables to model your facility’s baseline performance.

Panevo Energy Management Services

How Much Can I Save?​

From behavioural & operational changes, to automated controls, equipment retrofit and replacement, we’ll assess multiple options to determine a realistic, achievable savings goal.

We’ll enable you to make an informed decision on how to best perform cost-effective improvements at your facility. 

“Panevo has identified and secured significant utility cost savings, while helping us to reduce risk”

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