Empowering Data Centers: Automating Energy Billing for Efficiency

With the ever-increasing demand for digital services and secure information hosting, data centers are essential for modern business operations.

However, due to their high energy consumption, data centers are also one of the most energy-intensive organizations in cities. These facilities host clients with large energy demands, requiring over 50 times more energy intensity than a typical commercial office building. As a result, data center managers are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve efficiency and split energy costs between occupants.

In this case study, we will explore how Panevo implemented an energy management solution for one of our data centre clients, using Acuvim submeters and our ioTORQ software to automate energy billing and improve efficiency.

How Submeters Help Automate Energy Billing

Panevo installed Acuvim II meters from Accuenergy onto the main building feeds of the data center to monitor specific energy parameters for each tenant. These submeters provided granular demand and energy draw data, collected up-to-the-second with revenue-grade accuracy.

The data could be easily accessed through Panevo’s ioTORQ Energy Management Information System (EMIS) software and automatically distributed into monthly energy bills based on actual energy consumption.

By automating the data center’s energy billing, Panevo eliminated the need for error-prone meter readings and manual data entry, increasing the accuracy of the bills and making the entire billing process more efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits Beyond Billing

In addition to automated billing, data center managers were able to use Panevo’s solution to assess and trend each tenant’s energy consumption. As an example, they were able to calculate a fair amount to charge retroactively for the energy consumed during a 10-year billing gap, which had occurred due to an error in the previous manually-read system.

The installed submeters were also used during an expansion of the data center to support studies that helped to identify over 700,000 kWh in energy savings. Working with the data center managers, Panevo was able to use the submeters to calculate energy and power consumption, as well as determine proper sizes of equipment. We were also able to use the collected data to coordinate financial incentives with the local utility, helping to install higher-efficiency equipment. All of this resulted in significant energy and cost savings, benefiting both the data center and its clients.

The Power of Precision: a Promising Future for Data Centers

Automated energy billing solutions are revolutionizing the way data centers can manage their energy usage and costs. By providing granular data and real-time monitoring, submeters and energy management software enable managers to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

In this case, Panevo’s implementation of submetering and automated energy billing resulted in reduced data center energy consumption, increased billing accuracy, and cost savings. As the digital hosting industry continues to grow, automated energy billing solutions offer a promising approach to support a more sustainable energy future.

If you’re interested in learning more about the full case study, visit Accuenergy’s website to access the details: https://www.accuenergy.com/clp/panevo-data-center-metering-case-study/

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